Electrical Engineering Division

1.1 Professional Electrical Engineering services/Consultancy
a) Load flow Analysis :
1. Short Circuit Computation
2. Voltage Drop Computation
3. Arc Flash Analysis
4. Protection Coordination
5. Harmonics Analysis and Mitigation
b) Design, Sign and Seal of Electrical Plan
c) Preparation of As-built Electrical Plan
d) Auto-Cad, Plotting, Blue-Printing
1.2 Complete Electrical System for Industrial, High Rise & Commercial Buildings
1.3 Design / Construction of High Voltage Substation, Distribution & Transmission System
1.4 Low Voltage Switch gear and Main Distribution Panel
1.5 Transformer Servicing, Testing, Repair, Rewind & Rental (Complete set of Tests       Instrument/Equipment)
1.6 Design, Fabrication and Installation of Substation Structures ( H-frames, Flat Forms, Steel Towers).
1.7 Capacitor Banks for Power Factor Corrections.
1.8 Solutions to Power Quality Problems (Harmonics,Transients, surges, Fluctuations etc.)
1.9 Thermal Scanning
1.10 Lightning Protections/Grounding Systems
1.11 Fire Alarm Systems, Paging System, CCTV, PABX, Security Systems.
1.12 Electric Motor Rewinding (¼ Hp up to 200 HP)